About us

A little bit of us

Hi, we're Chiara and Manuel, we're a young couple and we decided to undertake this adventure. Yes because we believe that hosting is part of the journey. We've always loved travelling the world together and live wonderful experiences, and those that stayed in our hearts are those related to the people we met. That's why we decided to make hospitality a job and sharing with you our travels.

I (Chiara) have studied foreign languages, and then worked in the tourism sector before becoming a lawyer, unfortunately being a lawyer didn't prove to be up to my expectations. Born in La Spezia I lived ten years in Riomaggiore, until due to my work, I moved to la Spezia with my husband and our child. I've a passion for a lot of things... if I have to make a list, books good wine and flowers would be in it.

I (Manuel) am not an ‘outlander’, I was born and raised in Riomaggiore until my job brought me to la Spezia, still my heart stayed on the sea... I love travelling and good cooking.

In our brigade there's also young Tiago.... he's well, for the moment he's just a little mess.